ANNA A Language for Annotating Ada Programs: Reference by David C. Luckham, Friedrich W. von Henke, Bernd

By David C. Luckham, Friedrich W. von Henke, Bernd Krieg-Brueckner, Olaf Owe

This reference handbook of ANNA is one other quantity addressed to the ADA neighborhood. ANNA is a language extension of ADA to incorporate amenities for officially specifying the meant habit of ADA courses. it truly is designed to satisfy a perceived have to increase ADA with distinct machine-processable annotations in order that good tested formal equipment of specification and documentation will be utilized to ADA courses. the present ANNA layout contains annotations of all ADA constructs other than tasking. comparable extensions for formal specification should be made to different Algol-like languages resembling Pascal, PL/1, Concurrent Pascal, and Modula; basically, those extensions will be subsets of ANNA. The layout of ANNA used to be undertaken from the start with 4 vital issues: 1. developing annotations might be effortless for the ADA programmer and will count up to attainable on notation and ideas of ADA. 2. ANNA should still own language positive factors which are primary within the specification and documentation of courses. three. ANNA should still supply a framework in which a few of the verified theories of officially specifying courses might be utilized to ADA. four. Annotations will be both well matched for various attainable functions in the course of the existence cycle of a software. Such functions comprise not just checking out, debugging and formal verification of a complete application, but additionally specification of software components through the past phases of necessities research and software layout.

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11 QUANTIFIEDEXPRESSIONS EXPRESSIONSIN ANNOTATIONS 49 onditional expressions: 0 t h e n Y / X * X = Y else Y * X = 0 end if ditional expression is defined, even though xpression alter then is not always defined El(J) = if I = J then E else A ( J ) e n d i f ditional expression impl:es the two formulas: -* A l l -~ All => E l ( J ) => El(J) = E = a(~) Ada if statements, conditional expressions must contain an else part. ny value. xpressions have been introduced into Anna to permit a programmer to construct defined om partially defined expressions.

For example, f o r a l l X : T => P ( X . 4) as f o r a l l X : T => P(T'COLLECTTON(X)); since X i s i n T'COLLECTION is true if and only if T'COLLECTION(X) is defined, the quantified expression above will be true exactly if P(V) is true for the values V of all objects in the collection. DAY = X; -- The value of these expressions depends on the values of objects in the collection. 1 Transformation of Quantified Expressions into the Anna Kernel For the purpose of checking, an Anna quantified expression is translated into a call to a virtual Ada function that performs the check for all elements of a type indicated in the domain of the quantifier.

Note that the notation using the reserved word others is not permitted in array states. Array states may be used in Anna as names, in particular in indexed components and slices. An indexed component, A(K), where A is an array state, denotes the value of the Kth component of A. A slice, A( L .. R), where A is an array state of a one-dimensional array, denotes a value. Examples of array states: MY_SCHEDULE[TUESDAY => TRUE] -- Denotes a value of MY_SCHEDULE after the TUESDAY c o m p o n e n t is set to TRUE.

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