An Ottoman Century: The District of Jerusalem in the 1600s by Dror Zeevi

By Dror Zeevi

In keeping with micro-level learn of the District of Jerusalem, this e-book addresses essentially the most an important questions in regards to the Ottoman empire in a time of problem and disorientation: decline and decentralization, the increase of the remarkable elite, the urban-rural-pastoral nexus, agrarian kinfolk and the encroachment of ecu economic climate. even as it paints a bright photo of existence in an Ottoman province. by means of integrating court docket list, petitions, chronicles or even neighborhood poetry, the ebook recreates a ancient global that, although lengthy vanished, has left an indelible imprint at the urban of Jerusalem and its atmosphere.

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38 A month later, however, several people returned to court, among them sheikh al­suq (head of the market) and several soldiers in the local citadel. They reported that Gregor, the Armenian archbishop (mutran), was among the people whose houses were adjacent to the wall, and as a result of the former decree part of his house was destroyed. Since then, they said, thieves and bandits have picked the narrow passage near archbishop Gregor's house as their favorite spot. They lurk there day and night, and attack innocent passers­ by.

The boys thus gathered would then formally become the sultan's slaves. Most were sent to farmers in Anatolia, where they would convert to Islam, learn the language and acquire other skills. Those would usually become soldiers and officers in the imperial army. A hand­picked group of boys would be brought to the inner service (enderun) in the royal palace, where they were to begin a long and rigorous process of education. Through the years a series of tests and selections determined who would leave to join the sipahis or janissaries, who would be appointed personal valet to the sultan, and who would serve his master as an architect or a historian.

While the latter two were the subject of several studies, no research has been done on the Ridwans, an important and influential family which held sway over most of Palestine for many years. 6 These studies fail to recognize the full extent of dynasty rule over the districts of Palestine in the seventeenth century. The Farrukhs, Ridwans and Turabays governed the districts of Jerusalem, Nabulus, Gaza and Lajjun almost until the end of the seventeenth century. During that time their relations gradually developed through marriage, political alliances and economic transactions.

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