A Simple Guide to Windows XP by Gilles Fouchard

By Gilles Fouchard

The way to use Microsoft's most modern working procedure with the straightforward advisor structure, which takes the reader from absolute fundamentals via to projects akin to multi-media streaming and utilizing the recent customisation thoughts.

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On completion of file copying, the Installation Wizard will reboot your computer. Preparing for the initial execution of Windows XP may take a further 10 minutes or so. This stage includes building the peripheral database and the detection of plug-and-play components. The latter are installed and recognized correctly by the new system. ) are recognized by Windows XP. The next stage involves installing the elements required for: ■ the Control Panel ■ Start menu programs ■ the Windows Help facility ■ DOS program settings ■ setting the application start-up routine ■ system configuration.

The My Computer icon provides an overview of your PC. It is more logical and easier to take on board than in earlier versions of Windows. Double-click on the My Computer icon on the Desktop to open it. 2). 2 My Computer, a logical and global view of the PC. 3). Each directory is represented by a folder and any files entered in the hard disk drive are shown. 3 A logical view of the hard disk with its files and folders. 31 32 Windows XP My Computer properties In Windows XP, each object shown on the Desktop has properties that can easily be looked up or modified.

37 38 Windows XP Smart menus The Windows XP Start menu is a smart menu! 9) – once it knows which they are. The rest are tucked out of sight, but can be revealed either by waiting a few moments or by clicking on the doublearrow bar at the bottom of the menu. If you use a program, it will be added to the menu and become part of the displayed set in future. If you don’t use a program for several days, it will be dropped from the menu. As smart menus are normally much shorter, it makes selection simpler and faster.

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