A Grammar of Mani, Edition: Bilingual by G. Tucker Childs

By G. Tucker Childs

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Cf. Mani matan 'hide (oneself')). Another place name, "Kakoluma", a mountain site outside Conakry, is the source of the name for a brand of bottled water in Guinea. The place name is Mani, where ironically, the name is, ka kUlum6t, 'the place to drink palm wine', arising from the time when the Mani were "fleeing" the Soso. The fact that they had time enough to harvest and drink the palm wine -it takes 3 days for the palm wine flow to start after tapping, and the flow lasts 2-3 weeks before the tree is exhausted - suggests their flight may not have been too hurried.

J]. The lower mid back (rounded) vowel is not terribly rounded and certainly not as long as American English 1~1, occasionally sounding more like the unrounded 1-:JI. /o/: [u], [9 ], [o], [~]. This vowel was confused more often with its higher than with its lower back counterparts, as would be expected on the basis of the first three of its allophones. It was heard as the lower variant [~] before nasals or liquids. /u/: [u]. The high back vowel is rarely confused with other vowels, even before nasals, as is also the situation with the high front vowel.

It may be realized as an alveolar, but generally has a telltale hint of palatalization or frication marking it as contrastive with It/. The phoneme /c/ has a somewhat tenuous status compared to other members of the stop series, as will also be seen for [fl below in opposition to Is/. For one reason, the alveopalatal stop is more limited distributionally: it does not occur in final position, perhaps because it first appeared only when conditioned by a following vowel (cf. the discussion of the g/p.

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