A Forest Apart: Star Wars Legends (Short Story) (Star Wars - by Troy Denning

By Troy Denning

BONUS: This unique novella contains an excerpt from Star Wars: Legacy of the strength: Betrayal and an interview with the author.


starting to be up within the shadow of his heroic father, Lumpawarrump, son of Chewbacca, feels super strain to check his father’s bold exploits. Chewie’s life-debt to Han Solo retains him from returning domestic, and with out the steadying impact of his father, Lumpy is unfocused and uncontrolled. So Chewie’s spouse comes to a decision that a trip to Coruscant is so as. It’s the right chance for the kin to bond–and for Chewbacca to educate his son a few much-needed life-lessons.

but if Lumpy’s eagerness to provoke his father results in direct disobedience, Chewie is compelled into an severe pursuit that might lead him into Coruscant’s harmful underlevels–and to a mystery as surprising because it is lethal. . . .

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It dipped its nose and started to turn away, but he was already there, dropping down from above and belly-slamming onto the roof even before his stomach began to flutter. The airspeeder shuddered and listed up on one side, but Chewbacca managed to extend his climbing claws and hook a set over the turret’s mounting ring, then held on as the driver struggled to bring the vehicle under control. An instant later, Malla came down opposite him, catching the mounting ring with both sets of climbing claws, her weight leveling the airspeeder as her body swung gracefully into the passengers’ box.

Knowing better than to stand in the way of Malla’s maternal instinct, Chewbacca grunted and stalked into the closet. His son was on the floor, removing rare Alderaanian dinnerware and expensive office electronics from a slashed rucksack and hastily stuffing them into one of Leia’s gown bags. In the back of the closet, a gaunt milky-skinned man stood next to a hole in the wall half a meter square. He was pointing a hold-out blaster at Lumpy’s head. ” The man’s voice was a ragged rasp—at least Chewbacca thought it was a man’s voice.

When its guidance sensors detected Chewbacca and Malla standing in its path, it politely retreated out of the way and swung aside to let them pass. Chewbacca had Malla shine her glow rod on the floor behind it. The only sign of the trail that Lumpy had so carefully left for them was a two-meter stripe of rapidly drying durasteel. He knelt down and, laying his blaster aside, grabbed the cleaning droid by the sides of its plastoid box. ” Chewbacca growled in frustration and spun the droid around to face the opposite direction.

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