A citizen of two worlds by Gordon Lindsay

By Gordon Lindsay

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If, for example, she was a secretary before marriage, she should do something such as helping keep her husband’s correspondence, so that in case an emergency develops she will not be found rusty at her trade. If she has to return to work she will have to compete with younger and perhaps more proficient girls. When a man dies, not only does his will have to be probated, but his bank account becomes frozen. In some states half of a joint checking account is frozen when one of the joint-owners dies.

Beyond that is the joy of participating in God’s work of winning souls to Christ. But the greatest reward is the one reserved for the world to come. While some rich people respond to God’s call, the fact is (and everyday observation confirms it) God’s kingdom is largely supported by those in moderate circumstances. Many who are rich intend sometime to do something for God, but experience, alas, shows that in most cases their money is tied up in investments by which they have hopes of doing something big for God, but always in the future.

The trustee can take action at once, while in the case of a probate a long period often has to elapse before the court gives its approval. 4) In the matter of a will it is often the case that undesirable publicity is attached to the probate of the property. An inventory of everything the testator owns (in most states) becomes public record. Unlike a will, the terms of a living trust are not disclosed to a probate court, and the assets and the identity of the persons to receive them are closely guarded secrets.

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